What about those ebike batteries?

Opinions on those 24-36v 10-15ah ebike batteries ?

Walked past an ebike-store yesterday and asked myself this exact same question!

The only thing I am concerned about, is the amperage, but everything else checks out. It has a locking key feature, battery meter, on off switch, easy charging socket, aluminum enclosure. Would be great if it works. Wonder if anyone has experience with this…

I have recycled an old bicycle battery but the amperage were to low and therefore the voltage sag to high. Here is the thread

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This isn’t exactly the same, but I had a “bicycle” battery custom made at an ebike store. Batteries are really expensive to import in my country if you’re not doing a store-sized bulk order. Fortunately I found a place that also makes custom built packs. So here’s what I got:

36v , 12ah, 50 cells, includes a BMS and a 15 month warranty, which is nice. Still expensive though, so I’m taking a risk on this. According to the company it’s supposed to go for two to three years of daily use.