What am I doing Wrong?(BT Module won't connect)

My build is 100% done, I just can’t get my bluetooth module to connect. I’m using the HM-10 module with the Xmatic ios app by @twan however I cannot get my phone to find it. I’m using an iphone SE and have the latest update to his app. Yesterday I noticed the wires connecting it to the UART port on Vesc were all out of order, so I rewired it to how it should be wired according to the settings displayed on the app. The wiring is now

Bluetooth Module-UART





I still can’t even get an LED to flash on the module, is it me or is it a faulty pcb?

Edit: I’ll tag @b264 because I’m confident he can help me solve this

Gotta change your buadrate

If there is no light the module might be dead or you wired it incorrectly

I already had it changed to 9600 and had the app set to PPM and UART

When I recieved the module I noticed it was wired incorrectly so I rewired it to how it was shown in the app

GND-ADC? Maybe try GND-GND?

There is no pin labeled GND on any jst connector on the Vesc, so I assumed ADC was ground

I am having the same problem. I am running fsesc 4.12. bt mod would not connect or transmit any data but everything was working b4 I upgraded to the new vesc firmware. But if I use the bt mod by flipsky things work

Do you use the flipsky bt module with the Xmatic app?

No. I have an Android phone

Is there a pin between 3.3V and ADC? Maybe try that one.

Yeah I’m thinking of trying that one. It is labeled — and idk if that means ground or the pin isn’t used

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It’s definitely not ADC.


(I Googled VESC 4.12 pinout)

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I was going off of the pinout shown by flipsky, however GND wasn’t labeled like it is here

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You could check with a cheap voltmeter and a 1,5 volt battery, just remove the pins from the jet and close the circuit through the batt, you should be able to find ground… hope it helps

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Ok so I’ve made progress. My phone is able to connect to the Bluetooth module after some rewiring, however it just keeps saying connecting to Vesc. I am positive that I have set the Vesc to ppm and uart and baud rate to 9600. Are there any other settings that need to be changed?

Are you using lightblue app or similar to find the hm10? I have to do that for mine to see it in the settings on my phone.

I can see it in my regular phone settings now

Ah I missed your last post

Yeah it says connected in my phone settings however in the app while the Bluetooth is connected it can’t connect to my Vesc

Were in the same boat now, my phone is connected by the app says trying to connect to vesc.

Under the stats screen when you click the Bluetooth icon flashing below what does it say on the next screen?