What am I looking for?


So I often pick up the rear end of my board by the metal crossbars. They’re sharp AF and I want a solution.

  1. My first thought was heat shrink but the crossbars don’t have an open end to slide over

  2. Second thought was electrical tape but I feel like there is something better

  3. Maybe a wrap around heat shrink tape or a paint on rubber?

Anybody got any ideas for me?


Rubber fuel line hose wrapped it hockey stick handle tape.


Get a sexy bull bar from Jenso :drooling_face:


I put paracord on EVERYTHING and its worlds better! Car steering wheel, board handles and trucks, backpack, baseball bat…really good feel even when hot and wet


That’s not a bad idea actually


Why not lift it from the front? Does the back cage hit the ground?

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Or put them in epoxy

I agree paracord is a good looking and inexpensive way to put a nice grip on the crossbars!

Spray on electrical tape?

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I agree that Paracord will look cool for a minute but it’s gonna soak up road gtime and the 1st time you get it wet it’ll be gross forever. You could btush it with epoxy prolly.

Maybe take the guard off and use a sanding flap wheel on the sharp edges?

Dude. Plasti dip. Would look clean. Easy to replace , remove, and apply. Can pick lots of different colors.


Yeah just barely.

Lots of good ideas here guys. Great work.

Color options is a big plus too. I might try and 3d print a handle that bolts on first. We shall see :smiling_imp:

File the edges so they aren’t sharp and put this on it.

I like that a lot but how does it go on if the end is closed?

What about that rubberized stuff like on Allen keys and other tools used as grip? Dip the crossbars in a vat of that stuff of you preferred color and off you go. Dunno how economical that is I have never considered it before.

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Just unbolt one of the crossbars and slide it over. Just got to get the right diameter tubing. I’m kind of interested to try this myself. I also have cans of the spray Plasti Dip and if I can find some time, I’ll try to spray a cross bar or two for science.


I use that (10mm ID 20mm OD) with these


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Line x, it?

That’s exactly what I have in mind. I just need to find what it’s called haha. @skunk nevermind lol it’s plastic dip

@Mobutusan I guess I could cover the entire crossbar… I hadn’t considered that. I was meaning the in between (middle) section.