What am i missing to get everything to work?

Hey guys, so no i have most of the parts but i need to know what am i missing in order for everything to work?

I have the board and the wheels etc…

For the electronic part i have

190kv dual motor (/w motor mount) 15t/36t x2 Vesc CANBUS watt meter 10s LiPo (x2 5s 5.5mm Bullet-connector) XT60 Harness (for series wiring)

and i am thinking about a BMS, but what do i need to buy to link all of this together? and what am i missing? do i have the correct connectors?

If you guys have any wiring diagrams i’d really appreciate it

a charger that can charge batteries in parallel? a remote? enclosure?

I’ve heard charging in parallel is very dangerous? isn’t it better to just charge separately? and remote i am now looking into and enclosure i am going to custom make.

Was just wondering what sort of connectors i needed and wires etc

Idk about the charging in parallel. You’d have to ask someone else for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Buy a parallel charging board, plug your 2 batteries in, make sure you have the right setting on your charger, charge. If you do it right, there wont be any problems. Always stay near your batteries when they are charging.

whats a high quality charger, I’ve seen that the IMAX B6AC V2 Professional Balance Charger/Discharger is common.

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IMAX B6AC V2, make sure it is authentic and not a fake,

hobby king?


Yeah. They are authentic.

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with the parallel charging board i have two 5s lipo batteries at 8000MaH 30C, whats the best board?

with xt90 connectors

Check HobbyKing, @sl33py knows the original board.

@sl33py i found this…


but I’m not sure if the voltage and current is compatible with these lipos… (x2)


Hey guys,

I was wondering what is the best connector type. The LiPo batteries i am ordering have 5.5mm bullet connectors but i find the XT60/XT90 to be more common, from series connectors to parallel chargers and so on.

but i am wondering if 5.5mm Connectors are better or what are the benefits between them as i see many LiPo batteries with 5.5mm connectors.

Also what do you guys think of adapters. I found some 5.5mm bullet to XT90 adapters so you don’t have to solder, but do you think they would work? or are there some incompatibilities?

Hey Raf, all these questions could be in one thread. Would you like it to be moved? Also, there are some threads about connectors already, please use the search.

XT90s best option.

yes please. And i searched around but i could find anything and what i found was vague. I do sometimes struggle to find specific topics on this forum

XT60 or XT90 for battery. 4mm or 5.5mm bullet connectors for motor.

okay, that what i was planning on doing, gonna have to solder the XT90 connectors on to the batteries as they come with 5.5mm connecters.

Do you think a 5.5mm Bullet to XT90 adapter could work instead?