What are good materials to pad and insulate a top mounted battery box with?

Almost done with yee ol build and ive got a little too much room in my case :frowning:


bump? :o


I used weather tape. It’s basically super spongy foam with adhesive on the back designed to waterproof windows. Works great!

my worry is that whatever materials might be conductive and homehow short or hurt my pack… Additionally im worried about the batteries wiggling around, would you say that hot glued little plastic tabs would be enough to keep everything nice and snug?

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Packing peanuts? jk, maybe cut up some gym floor mat to pack some of the things tight.

I bought yoga mats and used that workout foam flooring thats like a bunch of puzzle pieces for my battery and it works great. Just cut to size. I used the yoga mat in layers to deal with the concave part and once it was flat that big piece went on and then my enclosure which had weather stripping around the outside. Snug and sealed👌🏼

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im getting this from underwater Kinetics based off of a comment in a thread for top mount enclosures, and it only takes up 7 inches width wise so I should have plenty of space for my feet :stuck_out_tongue:


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unfortunately i have no gym floor mats haha… I hope i think of something before i finally have all my things

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a lot of cheap cushions such as baby mats and some soft toys have heat resistant foam in them if your thinking of scavenging some . :wink:

I dunno, what do you think i could just pick up at the local hardware store?

Do you use lipo or li-ion and how heavy is it? I think with lipo it doesn’t matter but li-ion can get warm/hot. Neoprene foam should be good up to 60-80 degrees C.

I saw some of that on amazon earlier haha. Its the 10s5p pack from diyeboards :stuck_out_tongue: so whatever that is… :sweat_smile:

That’s a Li-ion battery :wink: Neoprene foam would be good around the battery and any foam to fill the rest to avoid any possible movement of the battery. Just check the foam from time to time because it can loose volume and the battery starts wiggeling, that happened to me. Below the battery it should be high dense foam (like neoprene).

thanks for the help! Ill have to go grab some before the box gets here! I cant wait to get this thing on the road… :smiley:

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