What are the procedures to resetting a VESC to factory settings? Can someone explain the step by step?

Having major issues with VESC and 2.4ghz mini controller.

I don’t know the procedure exactly so I won’t comment on it. However if you post some screenshots of your settings someone might be able to help you salvage it without a re-install.

I been having this issue about a week, i had given up on it, now i’m back trying to fix the issue.

1- After setting (binding) up my 2.4 mini controller over and over again, when I squeeze trigger to max and I put my board on the floor, it barely moves. when i lift board off the floor (cause no weight on it) and squeeze triggger the motor spins but has no coasting.

2- When I release trigger, it slams the brakes.

3- I cant even set my controller in the display setting to 50% without squeezed trigger.

Can someone please check all the boxes that are checked and the numbers see if i have them correct?

To Setup your remote do the following:

  1. disable the control mode
  2. press the Trigger to full throttle
  3. read the pulsewidth (down right) and insert this value in the number box of max pulsewidth
  4. press the Trigger to full brake
  5. repeat 3 with the min pulsewidth

When you release the remote (neutral Position) it should be about 50%.

ive done the setup about 6 times already, i believe the issue is somewhere in the vesc settings, please look carefully at pic and look at all checked boxes (erpm, etc.) and numbers to make sure they are correct.

Do you have a dual build? if not remove the check from “multiple escs over can”" The only number which seems uncorrect is the min pulse width but maybe it is the correct value.

single build, for some reason, it doesnt let the controller go to 50% in pulsewidth (when not squeezed trigger, even when i turn the trimming button) setting and it also slams the brake when trigger is released, no coasting.

SO F****** frustrating, feel like just slamming board on floor, maybe it gets fixed, LoL.

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That would cost you. But I feel the frustration. You may have done this already but it’s worth mentioning. Have you rebound the remote to the receiver? Set all pots to center before binding? Then set it up again in bldc tool. Do you have a second remote you can try?

Off to work, hope this gets sorted.

thanks, im scared to use the controller from my other board, dont want that controller to start acting weird, thinking of ordering another controller.

You should try binding your remote/receiver again like @i2oadsweepei2 said. make sure to center up your trim knobs first.

ok, i’ll try again. have to step out the house, i’ll do it again when i get back.

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OK, finally got the controller going.

Now the problem is, when I squeeze the trigger to the max, i’m not getting full max. power at 100%. What can I do to have the full potential of power, my batteries are fully charged 6s 22.2v. CAN YOU CHECK MY SETTINGS PICS. AND SEE WHAT IS WRONG PLEASE? Thank you.

Go up to the top of ppm and click disable, click write. Then adjust your min and max pulsewidths until you see the green readout at 50%. You have to click write everytime to see the result. once you’re at 50%, click current no reverse with brake, click write and ride it.

You are at 56% so if you raise your max pulse width by like 5 points it will get closer.

I can see this has been solved to some degree already, but as for the original question for those looking for the answer, the easiest way I see is to re-flash your firmware with the BLDC tool… Simply select the defualt.bin file from the folder for your pcb version number (not the software version number), which for most is the hw_410_411_412 folder, and click upload. Give it 15 seconds or so to install and restart and you’ll be good to go.

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Thank you, I did reflashed the firmware and it worked. Thankfully I had saved the files to flash and update firmware (4.10, 4.11, 4.12) on my pc. Everything is working again.

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Thank you to all who took time to share their knowledge, I hope this thread helps someone else with similar issues someday, I def. learned something new in this forum everyday, so greatful to be a part of this community, without it, we be lost. Thanks again. :+1::+1::+1::+1:


how did you reflash the vesc??

where do I select the default.bin?

I’ll pm u and help u