What are the real details of the VESC 6?

Hi everyone! I have been searching through Trampa web site for more info about the VESC 6. They just mentioned every detail except the ones I’m looking for! What is the Hardware version and what is the firmware version!?

Firmware is updated every month or so via vesctool. Not sure what verision comes on it but you’ll update it when pluggin in either way. Hw is 6.4

cool! thanks for the info!



Also since it’s GPL, you can ask the manufacturer (@trampa) and they will provide this information per law


HW6.41, FW3.38

We try to always flash the lates FW. And you don’t loose your warranty when updating your device to the latest Vedder FW.

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We want our users to always run the latest FW, so it might be that Benjamin made an update while our VESCs sit on the shelf waiting to be sold. VESC-Tool will tell you that the FW is outdated, when that is the case. In that case you need to do an update of the FW through VESC-Tool. The FW will then be up to date, resembling the files you find on Benjamin’s GitHub.

HW revsion: Some vendors decided to call their HW e.g. rev.6.6. That doesn’t mean it more up to date. It’s probably totally different Hardware. It is like with Cars. An Audi A6 is not more up to date than a BMW 3.25. We use our own revision number system. So should others. I know it can be confusing for the customer.



And some «decided» to not use the VESC name at all Even if its the same thing just to make the confusion complete.

You can go and buy a ESCApe vesc6.4 here on this forum for a major discount and it’s basically the same stuff as the high priced trampa stuff. They only trademarked the vesc name to squeeze dollars from us and tramp is going after everyone that tries to make vesc with the TM bullshit. You will see it in the reply to this post also (coming soon from tramp) that there will be a response on how good TM is for everyone but in reality it’s just to increase confusion and hope that more people buy vesc6.4 from trampa instead of other identical suppliers.


And everyone calling different products and qualities the same helps customers a lot to differentiate between all the products available in the market now and in future LOL. Poor customer!

The ESCApe is definitely not of the same quality.

  • Different supplier
  • Different manufacturer and assembly line. How consistent and precise do they work?
  • Is the PCB wired up exactly the same? Trace lengths, positions of parts towards another etc.
  • Quality Inspections and testing?
  • Same components used?
  • Internal silicone parts missing that are essential for a long product life and best thermal conductivity.
  • gets hotter faster, can’t push as many Amps.
  • external silicone sleeve missing
  • Warranties?
  • same service offered?
  • same product availability guaranteed, or is it a pre-order product with months of patience involved?
  • same VESC-project support, invest into future Innovations and R&D?

Sorry @Minim, its not the same and should have its own name, so that customers can differentiate. And it the device fails, it doesn’t affect our reputation. It affects the manufacturers reputation in that case. I can see a lot of design flaws already and I know what the outcome will be with regards to reliability.

When I want to buy a Canon Camera, I want it to be made by Canon and not someone else who thinks he can make Canons, not using the same material and precision and not performing same quality inspections and not offering the same service. And Canon will therefore make sure that they are the only ones using their TM. Brands stand for a certain quality and people trust brands to deliver a certain standard.


So I’m not an ESC expert by any means but…

Different doesn’t mean worse nor better , it just means different. Having a different supplier is not a valid argument in the terms of whether or not something Is of the same quality.

Same point as the point above

That’s a valid point/question, the other two above are not. The next few points you list are valid.

Doesn’t make a product cost $200 more. We’ll also disregard the fact that Trampa offers a 6 month warranty instead of the Legally mandated 2. Whatever.

The next few points are valid.

Since the VESC project is opened source, any updates you push out also benefits Escape , as well as any other software like Ackmaniac. Unless you were to push out an update that would only work for the Trampa VESC6, which you would still have to provide and would be noticed. But I doubt you would do that. The main point is: the ESCape goes wherever the community goes. And if it can do the bare minimum that your VESC6 can do without the $200+ price tag , then your VESC6 is essentially dead to future sales from this community.

I agree with this, don’t like how you go about it, but I agree.

Then it’s a good thing that we have an entire community willing to test the shit out do this thing until it’s perfect. Here’s the thing frank , even if this fails 100 times , there’s no way his community is going to retreat back to that $300 price tag. We’ll contribute as much as we can to ensure that @stewii makes a VESC6 killer product.


It’s not 200 more! Some vendors here advertise their products without taxes to make things look cheaper. If you buy a VESC 6 together with one of our board you pay a lot less! The price depends on where you live and how high taxation is.

If a ESCape is 185 GBP with housing, that is for a European customer 222 Pound including the applicable British VAT of 20%. That is more than our customers pay when they buy a board from us with VESC 6 included.

I have bought a deck from you Frank, I missed this VESC 6 deal that is cheaper than a ESCape… Rebate?

I think Frank is talking about their complete boards where the VESC 6 is included. Not their single decks.



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Not many on this forum buy trampa’s completes though…

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DIY :slight_smile: 10char

That’s your guess.

My Fault, $100 was an exaggeration, it’s closer to $100-$50. But understand that $50 is a major difference when buying a ESC as that’s the difference between a Focbox and a Maytech. See how many people opt over saving 50. Now how this applies to a $100-$50 difference.

Frank, please excuse my French here, but who the fuck, on a builders forum is buying a complete tampa complete to save some bucks on a VESC? Deck? Maybe, Trucks? Sure Complete Drivetrain? Even I considered it. That’s like buying a Banshee or an Arcboard for the goddanm ESCs they use!

Lets be real Frank, there’s no saving at all. It’s like walking into a shop for one thing and walking out with a whole shopping cart of shit cause of the “sales”. You don’t save shit, you just end up spending more.

The latest Price i can find is:

The Latest Pricing Details i can find is:

but @LukePL & @stewii should be able to clarify.

But that’s a max of £130 without VAX, or £156 with VAX , which is €179.93 or $172.99 (The US don’t get charged VAT from what I’ve seen, please correct me if I’m wrong in that regard).

That’s a €150.07 difference(€330 - €179.93) a $177.01 difference ($350 - 172.99).

@stewii @trampa @LukePL Any corrections I gotta make?


As for complete ESCape it is up to @stewii I’m just a guy that makes enclosure the best price I can. Your calculations are correct and I have no idea from where this 185GBP Frank got. Thing is that I believe that Trampa cost of producing VESC 6 is higher than stewii’s ESCape but does it mean that we have to pay for that? @onloop has managed to make great controller for good price so it’s can be done by a company. This discussion is kind of pointless as we will never know the cost structure and Trampa sales policy regarding Vesc 6 and even more pointless when after all what happen it seems that they are not willing to change that.

Hey @trampa maybe I can make you an enclosure that is much cheaper that what you currently have :smiley: ?