What are the speed limits where e-skating is legal - can you help?

I am doing some lobbying in Denmark to see if I can influence the legislative work process of the legalization of E-skating.

E-skating has been legalize in Denmark from 1.1.18. But they still need to finalize the exact rules, which means we might still be able to influence the rules. In my contribution I have to address the proposed speeding limit. I would like to refer to countries where E-skating is legal and compare their speed limits.

I have found the speed limits in California which are 15 mph. on boards that max can go 20mph and they are allowed on roads where the speeding limit is max 35 mph.

Dose anyone here know where e-skating are legal and what the speed limits are? Think I saw that they had rules in Taiwan or Honkgong but I can’t remember the exact rules.

In Victoria (Australia) Electric longboards over 200kw are banned and are for private property only. Information gathered from an email to VicRoads. A real shame.

In Barcelona you can ride electrical personal mobility vehicles like segways, monowheels, electric skateboards and something like that in the bike lanes and if the vehicle is capable of more than 20 km/h, it can be ride in the single lane streets that have a top speed of 30 km/h.

Thanks - do you by any chance have a link to a reference of those regulations?

2000kw??? My dual motor setup is only 6kw

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It’s in Catalan.

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@ARetardedPillow sorry I meant 200w. If the motor is over 200w, it is considered some random bullshit and is restricted to private property. Very sad :frowning:

Thanks - is this something that is a local regulation in Barcelona / Catalonia or is it valid in spain in general?

Only in Barcelona. Each city council has the authority to regulate this kind of things. The funny part is that I think that the Spanish overall regulation is stricter than the Barcelona’s one.

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