What are those X things called - Order Form on post # 172

I’ve seen on some boards what looks like a reinforcement X mounted on the deck side of the truck. What are these

Thank you



Got a pic? I’m not sure what your referring to

Can’t find one for looking now, it’s basically in an X shape going to each bolt that goes through the board to the truck

It replaces the 4 bolts normally used with one piece of hardware, eliminating the need for two tools to tighten. Then you only need a wrench

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Ok cool any idea what they’re called

X-bolt is what Chris Chaput (Abec11) called them. Good luck finding them. I swear they’ve been out of stock for a decade :joy:


Might have better luck finding a “U-bolt”

Lol I’ll give up now then.

These things

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Hell, I can make you a set. They’ll just be raw aluminum though - I can’t anodize…yet.

black top boards

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hmmm what’s the point of having this “X” if the bolts are not permanently attached to them? Not using two tools to remove trucks would be awesome. just had to install the Shred Light brackets on three boards

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These will allow you to torque the bolts without the heads sinking into the deck.


IMO, oversized washer. I would maybe put this on the top mounted drop through deck to cover the hole. Maybe :slight_smile:


chris told me about those. they seem like a great idea. Not sure why they fizzled out. I’d use them.

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That’s exactly what I did on my board. Top plate out of 3/16" aluminum to stiffen the drop-through and a 1/4" aluminum riser below. Resulting pocket provides a handy space for the battery meter.



These are basically the same thing. I use them on my board right now, they’ve lasted me over 4 years of use and make taking trucks off sooooo much easier.

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i’m not so sure its an obsolete product more one that hase’nt really hit the market yet

seems to be these guys


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i like the idea of putting the battery meter here :slight_smile:


Saw this on an Instagram post by a Korean girl skater still no idea