What are those X things called - Order Form on post # 172

Oh gosh, you are all driving me to the absolute poverty.

How much in total for 4x of these like that? It says “PGN”, light grey area to be milled (skip the G).


This is the transparent .png:


I’m not in a hurry, you can take your time to make it.


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I think they are a little longer too right? unicorns unicorns

Could be, I’ll have to check to be sure and LY is not always great about publishing correct dimensions.

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I wonder…I need to talk to a guy. Give me a week. I’m going to the same superbowl party and I’ll bend his ear there.

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No problem, just PM or mention me when you have fresh news :slight_smile:

If its too much of a trouble forget it, I will take blank ones instead…

That’s what I said!

@akhlut said pointy and I thought Spidermanlike logo lol

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X All The Things :blush:

Hex Cap All The Things Too :yum:


How did you cut it

On a small CNC, nothing spectacular.

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@akhlut my brother the X-Things ™ look fantastic; my gnomes said they’d have them back to me super-polished on or about the 17th. Will post pics and thank you, again!


You have gnomes?


out near Chico!

@mikenyc **lmao!

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Knock knock, open up the door, it’s real

Should make a larger one that extends forward to protect the nose so it becomes functional. Could make some that extend for a tail rest as well

idk, I would hate to use aluminum as a bumpers or rest because after a hit it would look ugly and also be sharp.

CA? 10 Chars

Better than my bamboo deck splintering . These things are cheap. I’d buy more for spares

I would need to know the distance from the front set of holes to the front of the board as well as the distance from the front holes to the front crown of the board.