What are those X things called - Order Form on post # 172

Ok! Ill add you to the list!

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:grin::grin::cloud::cloud::grin::grin: :grin::grin::cloud::cloud::grin::grin: :cloud::grin::grin::grin::grin::cloud: :cloud::cloud::grin::grin::cloud::cloud: :cloud::grin::grin::grin::grin::cloud: :grin::grin::cloud::cloud::grin::grin: :grin::grin::cloud::cloud::grin::grin: gon deliver to ya…

Any chance for a set of these mailed to Australia? If so as my name to the list bud

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Let me get a set cut. I’ll weigh them and know more about the shipping via usps which is hopefully the cheapest to AUS. I put 3 oz into the calculator and it came back at $13.75 for shipping.

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Modified shapeoko FTW!

I would have made a video, but between the CNC and the air handlers it’s just too loud. And the machining porn is not strong with this one - my borescope that used to look at the bit during milling broke.

Now to file off the holding tabs…


Man I wished I can make CNC stuff. Just looks some cool!

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OK, got the holding tabs cleaned up and the first batch is ready to go.

Old school position

New school position


I mounted a set to my spud for a test-fit (new school holes)

Also! just FYI each set weighs about 50g ~ 2oz.

Also! Pricing, which is probably the most important part. The material is fairly inexpensive, maybe $1 in material. So it really comes down to machine time. Each set takes about 26 minutes to machine. If I had a more robust setup it would be faster. At $25/hr that comes out to $10.83.

So I’m thinking $10 a set is a fair price. No wife tax yet. :smiley:

Shipping is probably USPS with tracking. Assuming USPS priority is $6.

Example: withing the US, (2) sets shipped would be (2)@$10 +$6, or $26.

Will DM everyone on the list with info.


Thanks @akhlut


Can you PM me your payment info for two sets shipped in the US? I thought I was on the list, but maybe not.

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Any chance anymore of these available, missed this thread but @mmaner pointed me here. If avail, would be 2 sets shipped to nyc, no hurry.

I too want to get a set! Still available?

Say…these are sweet, what can you do for two sets on a slow Jiffy bag or even an envelope to the EU?

@caustin @PatRocks @banjaxxed

Yeah fellas. No problem. Just PM me the qty and your address and I’ll get them cut and shipped.

Ooooo look at these pretties! You still doing This? I want a couple sets!

Yep! Just pm me how many sres you’d like and ill get started on them.


1 set! How much for one set!

@nmagz3 this is the thread I was telling you about to get the X braces made by @akhlut.

Matt. I forgot how many more I asked for. But can you make 4 more sets for me? Wanna stock up for the future!


How much for one set?

How much for two?

Do you still have some ?

Put me down for a pair! I need one badly!

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I can always cut more. Send me a pm to save a space in line.

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