What are those X things called - Order Form on post # 172

out near Chico!

@mikenyc **lmao!

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Knock knock, open up the door, it’s real

Should make a larger one that extends forward to protect the nose so it becomes functional. Could make some that extend for a tail rest as well

idk, I would hate to use aluminum as a bumpers or rest because after a hit it would look ugly and also be sharp.

CA? 10 Chars

Better than my bamboo deck splintering . These things are cheap. I’d buy more for spares

I would need to know the distance from the front set of holes to the front of the board as well as the distance from the front holes to the front crown of the board.

This would be a great light mount too.

A go-pro style mount? a 1/4-20 thread or stud?

or a platform for shredlights?

Speaking of light mount, I’m gonna need an x thing but one end solid, no triangle cutout, gonna tap and thread it to be able to screw in light

@akhlut maybe you have a messed up one thatll work


What size screw?


where did you get that light?

Also, I am cutting this weekend to clear up some backlog. Some fancy fancy stuff too…

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I’m in no rush, won’t have this build done for a month or 2


maybe not shred lights since theres plenty of brackets available for them already. but gopro or 1/4-20 could be interesting. maybe something to affix some mini torches to with some c-clamps

@scepterr what is the width and depth of the mounting bracket?

My guess:

I’m assuming that’s a 1/4-20 screw.

I’m wondering if milling out a recess for the bracket is the best way to go, or whether clamp with a recess might work better. I’d like to try one of these guys out…for science of course. And I want to ensure that they don’t vibrate loose and spin out of position.

Now to add some yellow enamel to the engraving to match my yellow SurfRodz hangars and 107 hubs…


Woop woop!

Going for green to match my wheels

Thanks @akhlut


Nice man! Glad @akhlut is pumping these unique x plates out :slight_smile:


It’s 35mmx30mx2mm

Behold in all it’s farkle glory, X marks the spot

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