What are you looking for in a Board

So as the title says what are you guys looking for in a consumer board? Me and a friend are doing this thing called YEA and where wondering what you guys would be looking for in a board that would be sold at $1000-$1250. The markup doesn’t really matter but what would you guys like, ie: Range, speed, deck size, concave/flex, wheel duro and size, truck style, and anything else! We are trying to make a board tailored to the esk8 scene and not some Chinese branded board. So, what would you guys want in a $750-$1000 consumer grade board?

All I want in a consumer board you can’t get into for 1000$ :sweat_smile: If you can I will buy 5 and resell 4 for 1800$ :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Just jk… 750$ is pretty low 12s4p 350$ min 2x vesc6 or 1x focbox unity 250$ 2x gear drive 300$ Uups we already over that :grimacing:


We’re do you guys get the gear drives by any chance or are they custom?

pretty much nailed it here lol


They’re custom and generally pricey but thats until @moon gets his drives out :sunglasses:


Besides gear drives… :joy:

Depends if it’s a street board or mtb. Here some people producing gear drives

@moon @3DServisas @Nowind
@trampa @nuttyjeff @Kaly


Most likely street with my mtb in the future if we get funding

Good motor mounts are 150$ too Plus pulleys 100$ Plus belts

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that leaves you with @moon, @3dservisas and @nuttyjeff’s drives if I’m not mistaken for street wheels


Even without gear drive 250$ for good motors 30$ min for a good remote 20$ optional for a Bluetooth module

And than let’s start with deck, trucks and wheels…

Looking into @3DServisas Gear drives right now

Better if you contact @kug3lis if you need additional info that isn’t already present in those threads.

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Might get that expanded as seeing for a good board you guys would want/need a lot more power than I was thinking😂

I think our expectations are arguably conservative compared to others around here :laughing:

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Haha I’ve seen some of those…

You want a nice enclosure from @bigben Surfrodz trucks should be minimum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Plus all wires, connectors, sealing, custom skinned deck by @Sender etc etc


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and my budget was already looking rough haha at least gear drives come with trucks Edit: most :rofl:

Not all of them :wink:

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Any suggestions @psychotiller since you make crazy boards that I wouldn’t dare ride xD