What are you riding TODAY?

It seems like the first few question people have are very similar. Its cool answering them to help out the community but I thought it would be better if there was one place to keep general information it would be easier to get started with building, and finally get out to ride.

if I get my hands on completes or anything I’ll also post written or video reviews.


Still writing and organizing but i’m ready for some feedback.

why are you flagging me? :thinking:

a few things to work on: Colors and fonts - I´m not on a trip today, but really feel like i am when browsing through your site. In general it all looks a bit 90s style. Keep it more clean and don´t mix too much. What i like is the Build Guide with some klick and buy links, although it´s going to be hard to keep the links up to date and trying to be neutral with companies, also depending on where you live. A little mistake: You probably copied the first single build and pasted it for the dual one and still have the same sentence on negatives: Not as fast or quick as a dual drive?

yea I still haven’t figured out graphic design, made a few changes to clean it up.

i’m going to turn the buy guides into posts so they can stay up to date, for links I just include examples but I want to add alternates, or i’ll just pick the highest quality/lowest cost, the resource page has a list of sellers by location, i think all of them ship worldwide anyways.

and yea I did copy and paste some. thanks for catching it. gotta see what else i missed… :nerd: