What balancing connector is this?

Hey folks,

I’m struggling to find this balancing connector. It’s 10S so 11pin. I thought it was JST-PH… but I was wrong. Even the pin are specific. @longhairedboy that’s the balancing connector for the Bamboo GT. On all my mods I was using the original one, but getting a brand new would be way better.


yeah i thought i recognized that. They’re using the same standard type of multipin connector on all of them. Balance lead connector, hall sensors, power switch, UART between BMS and ESC, its all the same type and i’ll be fucked if i know what it is. its a JST with a clippy but slightly different spacing.

I want them too, and all the other ones. I’d like to have a few in stock so i can have the mod packs on hand instead of having to tear down every board every time and re-use connectors. I could also sell the packs along with instructions for what to route and where to place things. Its just good DIY ethos.

I suck at sourcing though. I need … a sorcerer. A very powerful sorcerer who knows the realm.

@Blasto i conjure you!


i’m digging though this place right here at the moment http://www.jst.com/home2.html

It could be the NSH. I think its probably the NSH.

*Nope definitely not it.

It’s JST-?? connector with lock… Depending on the pitch between pins ?? would be PH (2.0mm) SH (1.0mm) XH (2.54mm)…


EDIT: Sorry, it’s not that one. Too fast, didn’t look at the picst correctly. Searching…

usually balance connectors are XH, 2.54mm pitch.

would need to know what the pitch on this guy…

JST-EH looks darn close, 2.5mm pitch


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+1 for balance connectors usually being JST-XH. That’s what I’d assume it is.

(But that definitely not a 2.54mm pitch)

Well, I think what I said before could still be correct. JST-PH with lock seems to be the one. 2.0mm pitch


for the PIN, this one looks good