What batteries are these?

I was looking at this build from eBoosted - the Darth Maul.

Can anyone tell me what batteries these are?

I’m in the process of my first build and trying not to spend $360 on my battery.

I already have my custom motor mounts from Marcmt88… This is what I have in my cart right now (other than below, need a BMS…) But it seems that I could find something cheaper than the $360 12s2p… (maybe not?)

Pink ones? but at a guess based on battery popularity and with only being able to see the photo on my phone, I would say Samsung 30Q.

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If you look at the picture in his build thread right above the one you took image from, it has this this

Samsung 30q’s.

360$ is a lot of money of a 10S2P If you want a cheaper pack:

The 6Ah pack uses the same samsung 30Q cells.

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Yes - saw that… 12s4p… but wasn’t sure what brand, or from where did he buy them? I’m assuming he is spending less than $360… :slight_smile:

contact @hyperIon1

I think he builds batteries for a reasonable price tag


Cool - will do some more research on these… this is my first build… so still lots of stuff to figure out… Thanks!

Note, he wants a 12s2p.

Also the torqueboards has a nice bms, which alleviates the need for a spark plug, and is just nice in general. There are some large advantages to not having one but for a first build it’s the way I went.

Wanted to ride as soon as possible as it’s currently my only esk8.

If you’ve got any questions on your first build don’t hesitate to hit me up! I just finished my first one and am at the point of building my second / still researching and don’t mind talking about what goes into it

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Oops sorry my fault!