What battery to choose?

What battery should i choose for those things:

Motor: 270Kv 50-60 6S-8S 90A

Esc: http://www.ebay.com/itm/single-motor-electric-longboard-skateboard-controller-ESC-Substitute-/302439713065?var=&hash=item466acfc929:m:mGesvI1BOEcyvrLVbfKGQ8Q

Hi Omer, welcome to the forum. While I understand it I’d your first time build an electric skateboard we try and keep the number of repeat topics to a minimum. So in the future once you have done some reasearch and have a Build plan make one topic with everything and ask your questions there. It would be much appreciated.


You could use the 5s1p 5800mah hobbling lipos

I decided to take off the bullet connectors and swap them with xt60s, but the 8awg wire was really big for the xt60s