What belt and motor gear should I use?

I got this gear a while ago but it didn’t fit the belt or the motor pulley I had. Some advice on this subject would be greatly appriciated.

What do you mean by it didn’t fit? Is the belt the wrong pitch?

Yeah the pitch was too small for the gear

What pulley and belt do you have?

I bought this one after it didn’t work. (I bought a really cheap ebay pulley kit that had a shorter but same thickness belt.

The first one you bought is 4mm pitch (which is weird, probably 3mm mistaken as 4mm) for 10mm wide belt. What HTD pitch belt did you have?

The second one you linked is 3mm pitch so you need to buy HTD 3mm 15mm wide belt.

If your pullies are 3mm pitch that’s the belt you need but be aware that 99% of electric skateboard stuff uses 5mm pitch. Just measure how far the teeth are spaced, center-to-center

Do not buy pullies from Amazon, that’s a rookie mistake.


5 mm pitch is like 99.99% of all pullies used in esk8.