What BMS for 10 to 14s LifePO4?

Would prefer a BMS with built in balancing and low temp cutoff. Any budget friendly recommendations? Would prefer to order them from inside the US. Looking for new, not used.

Do you already have lifepo4 packs or cells?

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Yep. They are on the way. I bought some 26650 cells.

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Well hell. I have a shit ton of lifepo4 packs. Been wanting to do something with them. Probably awd winter board.

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Need to know series count

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Whats the same voltage as 10s lipo/li-ion? 12s? 13s? Lets say 13s.

12S LiFePO4 is extremely similar to 10S li-ion.

It charges to 43.8V and most of the discharge is around the 39.5V level.

12S LiFePO4 BMS (not lipo, not li-ion)


Isn’t also possible to use regular la charger since the voltage is similar?

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You could use a 42.0V charger on that battery. You don’t really loose any range: once you pass 41V, it’s fully charged.

Topping it off to 43.8V could help with keeping the packs balanced, but if they got far enough apart they’d still balance anyway.

You could also take apart a 42V charger and adjust the voltage trim potentiometer up to 43.8V, some models have that. That could be more dangerous though, becuase you’d need some way to make SURE that charger never got connected to a 10S lipo / liion battery ever again.

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