What BMS to choose for a 2700W motor running on 6S5P 18650

I am thinking about building a battery pack 6S5P and since I don’t have a lot of experience I would like to ask the group how big of a BMS should I consider buying. I am using the Sk3 6364 245kv.

What would be the correct discharge rate, in A?

Thanks in advance

60A+ should be good, 80 if you want to be safe. Though I personally bypass BMS so I can save space in my enclosure with a smaller BMS.

what do you mean about bypassing the BMS, do you mean to use a BMS for charging only and connect the ESC directly to the battery?

yep you got it. That’s what I do for both my boards.

same here, saves alot of money and time.

unless you start mixing old with new batteries, it schouldnt be a problem anyway.

You should know however that when you bypass the bms during discharge cycle that your batteries will not have the same protection that they will if you do not bypass. While the Vesc can monitor total pack voltage and shut down if it gets too low, It does not monitor cells or cell groups individually. When you discharge through the bms, it monitors each cell or cell group’s voltage and if any cell or group drops to the detection voltage the bms shuts down. It will also protect your battery against shorts and over current. So the optimum setup is to charge and discharge through the bms.

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It makes sense, thanks :slight_smile: