What BMS will I need with two VESCs?

The problems with supower: Low over current protection Low balance current Minimum or no heat sinking

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@Namasaki do you know if that BMS you linked still has a builtin anti spark? It doesn’t mention that in the description.

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The E-Switch is the anti spark switch

Oh ha, thank you for clarifying!!

It also serves as a reset switch for the bms when if it does a protection shut down

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I also use a bestech bms having it on when it’s charging is ok…it’s a bit strange but it works …

It’s not only ok, it is absolutely necessary.

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Hey @Namasaki, I’m about to group buy with @koralle the HCX-D131 BMS (the one with no e-switch). Would really appreciate if you could re-check these settings and let me know if they can be used for 30Q and 25R Samsung batteries.


No its not … my bms is charging the battery even when the switch is set to be off. same bms by 10s4p samsung 30q


According to Bestech the switch needs to be on. If you try to charge with the switch off, you might damage the bms or your charger.

I used these settings on for my 10s Li-ion battery.

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Does anyone have any tips for actually getting a hold of Bestech? Two emails so far to their sales department.

They are a bit weird. A week ago I had a 4-email-conversation with them within 20min. Now they are not answering me either. Maybe its a holiday over there or something…

You know, I looked up Supower on eBay because the shipping on their site was rediculous. I found their official eBay store and they had listed that they where on vacation. The English was a little off but it seemed like they would be out till the end of February! That definitely delays my build if supower and bestech are doing the same thing. I think Chinese New Year is on the 15th of February, so maybe it’s that.

Since when do chinese factories have any holidays at all? What about all the foxconn scandals then? This would really screw up my nice BMS groupbuy :thinking:

all of this is truth. I run 60amp BMSs in all my boards and they never trip the BMS over current protections, even with ridiculous settings.


Right there with you dude! Here is what I read.

fml 10char

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