What can i build for $1000(heavy rider)

I have a Raptor 2 on order but i want to build a board for $1000 or less, the board is for cruising not super high speed but it has to have the power to pull me at 285lbs. No hills where i live, but this will be my second board for me or anyone that wants to ride with me when i get my Raptor.

Dual 190kV 6355 motors should give you a good amount of torque with a higher reduction ratio. What kind of top speed are you looking for?

Honestly 25mph would be alot im not looking for high speed runs id want more range if i could.

With out any hills a single 6374 should be enough a single motor leaves more money in the budget for a large battery pack but I’d ask @sl33py

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I’m riding 8s with a 170kv 6355 motor (160 lbs). Powerful enough, no hills. 6374 with 15mm belt would be enough

So a 6374 with a 16/32 set up would be good enough? What about battery should i stick with 10s4p like the raptor or should i go for the 12s4p that torqueboards have coming soon?

Hey @Battosaii! Fellow big guy here at 265-270 lately. I ride single motor setups frequently w/ my Marbel (50mm motor) and board i built for my GF (Vanguard Flex 1 42" - 190kv 8s 6374 15/40 gears).

On the flats they both move me along just fine! I would of course dial in good quality bushings setup correctly for our heavier weight - huge improvement in quality of ride and when carving in particular.

I was pretty amazed how well my Marbel moved me up some steep hills as i had low expectations w/ a single 50mm motor.

Single motor - definitely stick to 15mm belt setups.

I’m very close to completing my second dual motor setup since my old dual 50mm e-GBomb was stolen a year or so ago. I’m also playing with DIYes new 218mm caliber clone trucks - and setting up a dual 6374 setup for pure stupid power…


I like to gear down as much as possible to keep speeds reasonable, and get maximum torque for hills. not that i’m going up big hills all the time, but i want the ability when needed.

I would go with 14/15 / 40t instead. As long as you are running larger wheels like 83/90/97 to clear the bigger 40t wheel gear. dual setup 12mm, single setup 15mm.

Battery - depending on your ESC for 12s vs 10s. If 4.12 VESC i’d stick to 10s with 190kv to avoid the 60k ERPM limit which can/will kill your DRV chip. If VESC Six - then you can run either and exceed 60k ERPM.

Batteries are tough - you can go Lipo - better power/density and less voltage sag if you get higher quality High C cells (30c - 65c usually if staying above 5000mAh - lots of amp delivery capacity).

If you want plug-and-play simplicity of 18650 cells w/ BMS - i’d suggest quality cells with more in parallel to provide enough amps for a bigger guy. 12s4p would be great - depending on cell chosen. The new 30q (rated 15A, some show 20A), or VTC5a (tested 25A by mooch) would be my choices. 60-80A delivery for 30q, and 100A for VTC5a.

OR stick to lipos… My 5000mAh 30c lipos are “rated” 150A delivery (a grain of salt and likely marketing), or some A-Spec 4500mAh 65c rated nearly 300A!

Hope that helps.


Thank you for the help, im gona try to get a 30q 12s4p with a vesc 6 single 6374

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If you go for a single 6374 with low speed high torque gearing just make sure you get 15mm wide belts, you’ll need those to transfer all that torque without the constant need for tensioning to prevent skipping

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yeah go for single motor right now. If you don’t like it then buy another one. instead of spending the extra money. I have a single 190 kV motor 16/36 with 12 belt. Most parts from DIY. You can list the part that you’re planning to buy. People here can help you lower the cost. And if my parts arrive in time, I will try to get a heavier guy to ride my board and see how it holds up. I’m 120 lbs so I can’t tell you if 190kv and the gearing ratio would work but be patience and I will get in touch with you.

@Battosaii and @gee - I am a heavier guy, and i can skip a single 12mm belt easily.

I would stick to 40t wheel gear for lower top speed and more torque. It’s not an issue with the 190kv motor, but gearing and belt i would lower gearing and wider belt.

then maybe i should just go dual for less chance of belt slippage its more costly but id rather not have to run into belt problems with a single because of my weight and ill stick to the 40t wheel gear.

15mm is fine - you don’t need to run it super super tight, but snug. You can always add a second motor later - if you go w/ 6374 your options are diagonally on the front truck, or switch to DIYes 218mm Caliber II clones.

Definitely recommend the 40t gears. and 14/15t motor gear to help keep speeds reasonable.

Have you done a speed calc yet? what wheels, motor, gears and voltage?

chain belt maybe?

I ended up getting a really good deal on a Raptor it had everything i wanted at a price that was too good. Should i upgrade the pulleys? for my weight or should it be fine because its a dual motor?

saw that on the other thread. congrats.

You should be fine as is - depending on gears used. If you can fit 12mm dual belts - great. But i rode dual 9mm belts for quite a while w/o issue… So i’d ride it as-is and then futz with it only if needed.


thank you im so excited, i do want to build my own thing in the future though. My raptor purchase came with an extra battery with a faulty on off switch ill have to inspect it my self and if that is all thats wrong ill fix it and have the most expensive part of my next build lol.

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Hey I am planning on using the Vanguard Flex 1 for a build too. Can you outline all the parts you used for that build? I weigh 230 and would be needing the same requirements as you. I’d like to stay around 25mph with a distance of 20 miles on a charge. Thanks in advance!

So i am a big guy (320lbs) and this is what im using:

Board - Trampa street carver, I went for the titanium axles and 16 ply deck and it is great. it feels strong but a bit of flex. dont think it would be possible to break, plus it has a lifetime warranty. Drive - 6374 190KV motor + FOCBOX. Trampa motor mount / pulley kit. im using the 13/37 pulleys, 15mm belt and 90mm wheels, this should give me a top speed of around 25mph. The pulleys look very heavy duty and i have not had any belt issues yet, even under full breaking down hills. i haven’t yet found any hills near me that are a problem which i thought might be concern given my weight.

Its been great so far and would recommend.