What could be the problem? Winning remote stopped working

I have the small Winning remote and receiver

So I finally put my board together over the weekend, it ran well and rode it up and down the street. I just charged up my board and the remote this morning. Turned on the board, turn on the remote and nothing, the board is not responding with the remote. I opened it up thinking maybe the vibration disconnected the receiver, but everything looked ok, what else could it be? I’m afraid this would happen while riding it.

are you using a VESC ? if so hook it up to your computer, see if the ppm bar moves when you move the throttle.

What remote?

Have you tried to re bind it?

I had this happen on a board. It was the receiver. Some how it got fried. Get one of these: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__10625__HobbyKing_GT_2_2_4Ghz_Receiver_3Ch.html

Enertion’s VESC, “WINNING” remote. Looking at everything, nothing got fired or popped. I’ll try to rebind it when I get home. But if this happens out of the blue once, it can happen again. I don’t want to have to have a laptop, allen wrench, mini USB, and binding tools with me all the time. DIY is scary. Thanks for the recommendation @mccloed. would the reciever work with the current remote or would I have to get a new remote as well.

You use the winning remote

This will work with the “winning” remote. You’ll have to use channel 3. This receiver does not allow the use of the second button on the remote, at least I haven’t found out how to make the second channel work. My receiver didn’t have any signs that it fried other than the fact that it would no longer function.

So my friends…

What’s the moral of this story?

Always have a back up rx/tx :nerd_face:

I actually have a fuse taped inside the enclosure. I ordered the recommended receiver, guess I’ll taped that in there too LOL.

It turned out to be just the wire from the VESC to the receiver. I swapped it and it works again. no idea why it failed out of nowhere. I’m using a cheap one (10 pack) I got on amazon. any recommendation on a quality wire or was i just unlucky here?

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Glad to see it was something simple.

Thats compatible with the winning remote? Mine died today and im curious if its the receiver or the remote.

Yes. That receiver works with the winning remote. It uses channel 2.