What could be the respond to GTR

As many riders from here put the finger on it, evolve with the flexible battery and deck as well as new modular battery to help us to tunnel air plane restrictions has introduce many real improvements. How serious vendors as Bioboards are going to respond to this gap of technology? Do you think they are going to introduce more flexible boards with similar feature and patents? I will appreciate to be at the crossroad of evolve and Bioboards, some flexible deck and enclosures, 12S4P to 12S6P power modules, board upgradable to x4 with 110mm Street conf. 2real focbox that are open source. Bamboo deck…


Look at the LaCroix boards.


Evolve did not have a huge leap infact they just did what peope have been doing to their own evolves for years now.

I will argue that evolve is actually years behind the diy game and has a long way to catch up to bioboards.

Flex is great on a cruiser like an evolve cause its ment for carving but if you want to go fast safely you need a stiff deck like bio boards is using.


Fan-boy much?

We DIY around these parts and build boards that absolutely murder evolve boards. Even with their minor improvements that bring it into tech over 2 years old…

Sweet, 10s4p? Sweet. Mind blowing. Jaw dropping.

What oh what will everyone do? Not shit, because it isn’t actual competition for somone like Bioboards. They are catering to a different market.

Go chill on reddit or face book for shit like this.

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Not to mention their new samsung 35e battery has a max output of 40a total constant. I run those amps on one esc out of 4 lol.


Can’t decide whether you’re serious or seriously trolling … Mmmh…


I am sick and tired of hearing about flexible decks as an advantage. Maybe they are if you are carving at 20km/h.

I like my decks as stiff as they can be, like @brenternet 's manhood.


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Ah well i like a tiny bit of give. I had a Raptor 1 with the CF deck its as stiff as can be and it had a terrible ride but my evo since its wood has a small anount of give and makes thos 30+mile rides more bearable.

Here is what evolve SUCKS when compared to:

  • Any modern budget board for value
  • Boosted board V2 for carving
  • Metroboard, Lacroix, LHB, Psycotiller, Bioboards, Baja board
  • Any diy xD xD
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To be fair, I love going fast on my Lacroix on thane. I have hit 41mph on that, stable AF. But that is quite an atypical build.


It’s a nice looking copy of the LaCroix styling.

The rest is a gigantic yawn.

Also, BT remote? Like that’s a positive thing. I would have thought they would move forward but nope.

It’s pretty sad actually. Incremental ‘improvements’ that aren’t even close to the standard around here.

The unified PCB idea is neat, but @Blasto been-there-done-that.


@Blasto is on another level as a builder guys like me look up to him.

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No doubt.

Do you have pictures of your hybrid board? What about ground clearance as you shrink wheels diameter moving from inflatable to Thane.



Love or hate Evolve, their new QA and stress-testing process looks damn impressive. I doubt any manufacturers other than Boosted come close.

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Click on @Sender’s picture and open the threads he’s created.

Here’s a sample:


Yeah man, we’re all whining here but the honest truth is that if anyone new comes along and cant be bothered to build a board themselves with budget of around 2k I would send them straight to this now.


From what i can see all Evolve have done is to ‘catch up’ with a standard DIY build, and bring the proven tech to the masses. Same as Apple and their phones. This forum is a awash with builds that wipe the floor with the GTR, on many levels.

Low hanging fruit and all that.

That said, it’s a definite improvement and that has to be welcomed.