What could I use for a battery enclosure mould that would be safe in a curing oven?

Just wondering if anyone’s seen something like this done before.

I’m working at a composite material company for the summer. They produce stuff like fuselages for commercial jets. But they can make smaller parts too. They said I could use their supplies to make a carbon fiber battery enclosure (under the board) but I’d need to make a mould out of something that doesn’t burn (not foam, not wood).

The basic process is: Lay fabric over mould, inject with resin, apply vacuum, heat in oven.

Graphite Block?

jk lol, would wood be okay? cheapest thing around.

temperatures must be maintained around 250°F-350°F for a few hours

wood can take 350°F Im pretty sure

Figure out the size you want and make a basic shape/box from wood. Vaseline the wood and fill mold with plaster. When it’s set remove the wood frame and shape plaster form with rasps/sureform/sandpaper till it’s what you want. Then use that as your laminating shape. Plaster is fine in an oven.

Plaster of paris carved to shape. Ive done it many times and it works fine. Just make sure its been cured for a few days to completely dehydrate before putting it in the oven. If you need a mold realease, use aluminum foil tape. The adhesive will get gross but it wont matter

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