What decides continuous amps in a VESC?

Or where do I learn about components and their impacts? I can’t believe Trampa’s vesc is worth $240 to ship to the US, but Ollins is sold out and I don’t really see anything better that is available. I have a 3 year old Ollin vesc that is more reliable than my FOXBOX’s…Could I buy a cheaper VESC like from TorqueBoards that only ouputs 50A continuous and replace whatever parts determine its continuous amperage?

Where do I learn this stuff as well?

hey man see if anyone has answered your question in this thread

Hey thanks! The amp ratings for a VESC are independent of what your battery pack can output, it’s gotta be something like the transistors, fets, or capacitors that influence the current it can handle. I’ll check out the thread!

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probably heat