What degree trucks do you use?

@zool774 I have a khiro wedge kit it works well but it’s pricey. It was worth it to me because I feel so much more comfortable riding my board. I didnt notice much difference in straights but in turns it’s worlds of difference. A kit is also good because you can experiment with lower angle in the rear than the front since the front does most of the steering. Keep in mind you want double barrels at least for 44° trucks. If you want max lean look into riptide bushings.


I just learned something new, thanks.

Sounds good Thanks for the heads up!!!

what duro would you recommend for the double riptide barrels?

I really like riptide 93a wfb for 44/38 angle trucks and I’m 200 pounds. I run 95a bushings in rear currently but plan to buy another set of 93a to try. I haven’t tried aps formula yet and have a set on order. Riptides chart is pretty accurate for which bushing u should get. For comparison in my 50 calibers I used venom 89 barrel and 85 cone before I found out about riptide.

I was looking at their website, they really got a large variety of different types and different duros, I was almost overwhelmed by it haha. I think I’ll go with barrels on top, 93awbs, and the chubby 88at the bottom,dront and back. Hey is the 10001 on your nick refering to a zipcode?

I would recommend trying 93wfb barrels just in the front to see if you like them and go from there. I tried the 88 barrel and it was way too loose and I like it loose. The type of washer makes a big difference as well if its flat or cupped. I currently run precision flat washer all around. Flat washer feel more leany and don’t have that rebound at the end of the turn. Wfb and flat washer be careful with wheel bite.

And my name number is just random I live in California

i just run standard caliber II 50s and have zero issue carving through turns at 20+ mph on a 27" wheelbase. The trick is to get the tension on those bushings just right for your style.

That is the trick👆🏻

It’s preference I guess. I see my electric longboard as making everything a downhill. Lower angle trucks are made for downhill. Add riptide bushings and it feels lively and can carve with the best of them.

One thing I just learned is if you put gulf wax or parrifin wax in the pivot cups it makes it so much smoother and has the added benefit of getting rid of any squeks

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If you’ve ridden Ronin trucks then you know what great trucks should feel like im trying to imitate that with caliber trucks and I came pretty close.

Im using riptide pivot cups from 96wfb urethane just because of that effect. feels supersmooth and never squeaks again!

my caliber setup is riptide krank barrel 93 boardside, 87 roadside with precision cupped washers. the krank formula is pretty cool, because it changes the dura noticeably by pressure, so you can tune the basis setup quite well just with the kingpin nut! :slight_smile:

I’m running 50 front and 44 rear. By accident though. I also have 1/2 inch risers. I was wondering how tight you guys torque down the bushings, because I’ve tightened them alot but would still like a stiffer setting due to the height of the setup.

I also have 1/2 inch risers and 90mm wheels but also have a very concave deck that allows me to really dig into turns without any issue. This is without a motor though, so I can only speak for under 12mph ultra-hard turns.

50 front and 44 rear is oretty cool though, im also used to a turnier front and a stiffer rear, also helps with the single motor drive steering impulses!

about your bushing: you cant really tune much by tightening the kingpin nut more and more … youll eventually just split your bushings but they wont really get much harder. if you want a stiffer setup, buy harder bushing or trade stock caliber cone against a barrel, in any case: use cupped washers!

Yeah I was having issue with riot pivot cups so i waxed them and now they feel like bearings. I have riptide pivots in the bag for my new 44 cals. Wfb is self lubricating but I’ll wax them to see if there’s a difference

There are no issues with mounting a enertion 190kv motor on a 44 degree caliber truck right? There is enough room for the motor to not come in contact with the board or the ground?

you mean the enertion mount? yea, thats a problem actually, dont think it works unless you pick sufficiently large risers! even mounting on fifties calibers without risers was close tbh! :confused:

Hi I’m almost finished with my skateboard however I just tested it and I had a normal sized truck that I modified to fit the motor mount from enertion and everything just fell off. What trucks should I be using for this? I looked for a while and don’t see anything specific in terms of wider trucks to fit the wheel, the drive pulley, and the motor mount. Suggestions?