What do y'all think about Boundmotor?

I’d never heard of them before now and they seem to have excellent prices, especially for their direct drive kit and airless wheels. Tell me if you have any experience with them or if they’re trustworthy.

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Nothing really novel about those wheels or trucks.

… Don’t know if i have seen this hardware version of a VESC before?

Would like to get a closer look at these motors & Deck

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@onloop A direct drive motor kit with 3000W per motor for $350 would be a complete steal of a bargain if they’re good

The advertised max wattage of a motor inst important…

Really, the most important thing with motors is the build quality. We need to see inside it.


Anyone rich enough to buy these to test them out?

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Great drives I love them. Running 8S15p NCR18650B. TB110s 40km/h max. speed. 38A/motor for acceleration on VESC6.6 lots of power and smooth af!

The problem: cheap bearings, started to make noise after 500km.

Has anyone replaced them yet? I have replacement (upgrade) parts 6902RS and 6805RS hybrid bearings, I am looking forward to get those in, but want to aks for any tips before beginning.

Short riding video: https://www.reddit.com/r/ElectricSkateboarding/comments/fwll75/40kmh_feel_a_lot_faster_than_it_looks/

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What enclosure do you have? Is it a custom design?

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I made it in CAD software and 3D printed it frm Extrudr BDP material. The aluminum heatsinks are mounted by preassure against the cells through thermal pads. I can share the files and what screws you need, if you like.

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Sharing the files would be welcomed,

I also think you should create a seperate topic in here and go into more detail about the design and construction.

What you did looks very interesting and unique. Im sure others would be very interested to learn more about your method.


OK thanks for the kind words, I will do that!

edit: OK done!

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Very good review on one of their boards. I’ve been using their direct drives throughout the soggy winter in the UK. Solid drives. They now have an upgrade version. Nothing but praise for their support.


I just got the Carbon D1 2 weeks ago. It’s a great board, carves great and the wheels ride like butter. I don’t thing I will ever go back to urethane. The dual kingpin trucks are carvy like you can’t believe. I really tightened them up to go over 15mph. Something went wrong, possibly the Halls sensor and now the board does the herky jerky especially at slow speeds. I have been working with Cato trying to figure out what is wrong. I can’t get the board to recognize the computer. I’m hoping they can just send me a new motor and I will be back on the road.

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Same here,

Talked to Cato about this topic on 23.06.2020. He wanted to talk to the technicians and get in touch.

But before that he had asked me if I had made any changes in the software of the VESC.

I haven’t done that yet because I have only driven about 40km.

What is your status at the moment, have you solved the problem?

Greetings from Bremen Germany

The problem was getting progressively worse. Cato sent me the VESC program but I could not get it to work on my Apple. I’ve borrowed a friends PC and we were able to get the program to access the skateboard. We did a FaceTime call with Cato and he did remote access to the PC. It’s funny he kept asking me if I had also changed the settings. I tried to tell him I was never able to access it at all which is why we were doing the remote access.

Cato was very nice in person and I got the feeling he definitely knew what he was doing.

He said the settings were wrong. i’m not sure what the proble. The board worked fine for approximately 10 miles before it went Bad. He tried to change various settings and the board seemed to get a little better but we could never get rid of the stutter completely.

They sent me two new motors which arrived last night. hopefully I will get a chance to get them on today. I tried to get them off the axel but I had to take them to a mechanic friend with puller.nhe will get the board back to. Me tomorrow. I’m not sure if I will have to go into the VESC with Cato by remote access again once the new motors are on the board.


Oh man, that doesn’t sound good.

Apparently, everything was going great before the engine upgrades.

So for me there are two possibilities out of your scenario;

  1. the VESC settings crashed the engines. Cato then optimized them and with the new engines everything will run smoothly.

  2. The support team is trying to find the error step by step and it is a problem that will remain unknown for a long time.

And soon you will have four scrapped engines. :hear_no_evil:

I’m really curious if this will fix it and if you/we can finally use our boards again, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you! Not least because it probably solves my problem as well. :sweat_smile:

Be sure to keep us up to date on this exciting topic.

I will report as soon as Cato finally gets in touch with me.


Hey dude whats that box you got you batteries in? It looks awsome?


Hi Guys,

I am waiting more then a month now. They didn’t even ship the DD kit yet. What is happening there? Can i trust the company? I paid a lot of money

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Hey what does it look like?

Did it work with the new engines or was there no noticeable change after the replacement?

What have you tried so far?

So far all things have always arrived at my place (board and parts)

The board was on the road for a little over 5 weeks. The parts about 2 weeks.

If nothing has arrived yet, just ask what’s going on, the support is relatively good but sometimes a bit overloaded. Which leads to the fact that you have to wait days for an answer.

Cato had written to me and said that they had found the mistake. It should be the connector between the engine and the VESC.

But I had already changed the plug without any significant results.
I told him that and he asked me about the symptoms the board shows now. But I am pretty sure that the motors are broken because I have tried everything…