What do you call this connector?

What do you call this connector? Where can we buy it? And how much Amps can it handle?


You might try contacting Koolwheel for their source of these connectors

Looks like they took a DB9 housing and potted [email protected] 3mm connectors into it. I don’t think it’s off the shelf.


You might want to check out all the disconnect problems they are having with their batteries first.

its a d-sub 2w2 connector

What are you tryin to do. I have a koowheel too and i am thinking of hooking up 2 of the batteries in parallel to make a 10s4p.

That connector gave me a lot of problem. I changed to a XT60. Cheap and strong. No disconnection problem anymore

Has anyone designed an enclosure system like the koowheel for 3d printing?