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What do you guys think of a 6374 245kv Sensored Motor?

I think it’d be an interesting size, and if you guys would like some, I can probably organize a group buy. It would probably come out to $100-110 per motor shipped conus.

would need to see specs

that kv is pretty high, and would be way fast on anything higher than 8s.

Do you think you could fine closer to 200? if so, it still just seems about the same as the Enertion RSPEC 6372 or a turnigy 190kv 6374

It’s more for mountainboards where a higher gear reduction can be achieved through a chain drive system. Definitely not for the faint of heart :grin:
I’ll see if I can get to 250-260kv. My goal is a larger, more powerful tacon 160. Dual drive with these motors on spring trucks would be epic.

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if you used TB’s 44 tooth flywheel gear you would be fine 34-42 km/h or 21-26MPH

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TB sells a 6374 230KV. At 3200 watts, it’s a beast. Good choice for a single configuration.

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I like the way you think! :grin: I’m in the process of making a dual Tacon BF 160 street board on 8s. I’m just waiting on the VESC’s.

@Namasaki Too bad they’re out of stock. They’re significantly cheaper than the R-Spec 2.0’s and come sensored which is a nice bonus.