What do you think about these motors?

i found these motors on aliexpress, what do you think about them? it’s a good choice?

270kv for single drive https://es.aliexpress.com/store/product/Free-Shipping-N5065-400KV-1820W-Brushless-scooter-Motor-for-DIY-Electric-Skate-Board-brushless-sensorless-motor/1686045_32695124069.html

200kv for a dual drive

First one looks to be the one that Bencwheel/Liftboard uses, the second one looks like it’s the same MFG as TB/Polar motors.

The price is not that low and it seems like it has that flawed design, not enough material around the mounting holes I don’t think it’s worth it, between shipping, delays, no real warranty and that design flaw

There have been several reports on this board regarding those motors. They all broke in same exact spot on the mounting holes… Currently using one of these myself. I guess I’ve had good luck so far.

I had two of these, 6374. One shattered where the mounting screws go, the other one I’m running right now.

Its a good motor, powerful. Only design flaw is the shaft has hex nuts to attach to out runner, which comes loose all the time. So if not tightened shaft will have play.

Going with something else next time.

I keep saying it, somebody should design and machine a new plate to replace all the ones that break, that’s a shame to have such a powerful (and pretty cheap) motor and have so many problems just because of one flaw

I have have the 6355 motor, never had problems with loosening, a bit of loctite goes a long way.