What Do You Think About Using DC Breaker Switch?

I’ve been wondering time to time of using a DC breaker switch. Anyone ever use it / them on your board? It looks like this.


It can do 32V DC voltage with around 30A of current limit. Since it’s a breaker switch, it will cut off shorts or immense current draw that exceed 30A without the need of replacing a fuse. As it’s a breaker switch, there is no need for anti-spark as it could handle just direct hit of the current draw.

The only big bad disadvantage is the bulkyness, but compared to what does this could offer, seems to be not a big deal. Just wondering would it be possible?

I know @lowguido has used a circuit breaker in one of his builds. I believe it was a 100 amp breaker.

i would love to use a breaker I hope someone can chime in and let us know what to buy

Those things are fhuge, and completely overkill. They are actually magnetic (current flows through a coil that activates the switch) and mechanical, i really dought they will handle all the vibration from a eboard. Then again i could be wrong.

But they’re still fhuge

I’m going to get this and try it, but I will need to wait for my VESC to come. I will still use my big rocker switch for “handyness”, this is only for electronic precaution.

There are 2 more that are relatively smaller in size, not quite sure the differences between magnetic and thermal. http://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity-PB/W91-X152-30/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsVdjGoHXLeS5ZjmtJW3deATyBaC0UfwB4%3D


They are both only about 4cm deep, 50VDC - 65VDC about 30A.

This one is 50VDC 20A about 3cm deep and only 4 euro! http://nl.mouser.com/ProductDetail/TE-Connectivity-PB/W51-A121B1-20/?qs=sGAEpiMZZMsVdjGoHXLeS1yNdWxRO%2bLyltMZmElFvCk%3D

Yeah I use a breaker on this board:

its not one of the ones you have pictured there but a smaller DC breaker. if you open the picture and zoom in you can see the red switch.


Ohh thats nice, seems promising for me to buy one now! To be honest I like the feeling of the electronic switch, but it’s not as practical as this rugged breaker switch. Very interesting!

I’m also using a breaker. Mine is a 100 amp AC one though. Using it as a switch only. I don’t want it triggering and cutting power when I’m going uphill or something. Has never failed me yet :slight_smile:

Yeah i think you are safe with 100A, most skateboards will never pull more than 60A max

@lowGuido What breaker switch do you recommend? Your’s seems to come from car parts, am I correct?

yeah thats right.

I just got the same breaker @lowGuido uses lol works like a charm :ok_hand:t4:


Since a few people are looking for something else than a key loop and using fuse blocks i found this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/20-30-50-60-80-100A-AMP-Car-Audio-Inline-Circuit-Breaker-Fuse-Holder-DC12v-24v-/371514509555?var=&hash=item567ffd88f3:m:m4mKYPuxh73FvvC0B_pmDdA

Thoughts on this?

What amperage is recommended?

@Mathieu I think it would be determined based on the settings of your ESC\VESC and the rest of your setup. I’ve never drawn more than 30A riding, and my motor’s max is 60A. I’m not sure if there is a benefit to using the lowest possible amperage. Perhaps the size? Cost?

Size: 98mm (L) x 43mm (W) x 35mm (H)

Those things are huge.

yeah they are huge… but you can integrate them alright… and you can trim them down a fair bit too. its not an ideal solution but it is better piece of mind then a solid state switch and no parts to lose like a loop key. I use 100A. on mine it seems to work well.

I have a new switch soon which I utilized Ben’s SparkSwitch but added a few features to make it more friendly.

The problem with circuit breaker that always confuses me is that they have rated current and breaking capacity. These smaller ones are normally only thermal breaker and not magnetic / thermomagnetic breaker. Magnetic breaker can shut off quickly but that also bad for esk8 build as surges might occur if we hit an obstacle and you don’t want your board to be randomly shut off. On the other hand, the thermal breaker are more common, cheaper and can handle surges just fine as their breaking capacity is depending on current versus time. However the problem of thermal breaker is that they normally breaking at 3 - 4x their rated current. So for instance 20A rated breaker switch will break at 100A within 1 - 2 seconds.

Also within thermal breaker switch, rated current of 20A means that if it given 21A it will not break instantly. They will break after 10000 seconds (for instance).

At this moment I am testing the 20A rocker breaker switch. This one will break 100A within 1 - 2 seconds. Ideally I think some people here want about 30A - 50A so they will break at 200A within 1 - 2 seconds exactly perfect timing for VESC before blowing up above 240A (according to Vedder site). http://www.distrelec.ch/en/circuit-breaker-thermal-20-schurter-4435-0210/p/13322934

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I think you are missing the point @laurnts we are looking at using the breaker as a switch, we don’t particularly want it to trip at all. however the added safety of having it trip if there is a short is nice.

for what its worth, mine has never tripped. ever.