What do you think of this eboard electronic setup? Will it work?

Hey guys, would love to hear your thoughts on this build! Enough power, enough torque? This will be my first build.



Hello !

I have the same motor and approximately the same gearing ratio. I also have a 6S (the amp hour value doesn’t matter for this). A 8Ah in 15C is fine, I think, because it allows 8*15 = 120 A in theory. But in practice, I would never go higher than 80A. But your motor has a lower value for this. I’m also limited by the motors (for the Amp I can put on it). But it allows me to go at 30 km/h (I never ride at this speed. To fast for me. I weight 60 kg, so maximum speed can vary for you).

And finally, I really advise a VESC ! It cost 70$ dollar more. But I lost 60$ because, I first buy an ESC and finally buy a VESC. It much more confortable to ride with an VESC and much more reliable.

I’m not an expert so wait for other advises.

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This setup will be good, I guess you’re using like 83mm wheels? You will have a topspeed around 36km/h with no problem. Only I don’t know about the ESC, if you wanne go for an ESC and not a vesc I should go for a more known Car ESC like these:

or https://m.banggood.com/FVT-CBWI120A-ESC-Brushless-Speed-Controller-For-110-and-18Series-RC-Cars-Skateboard-ESC-p-985970.html You can both get program cards for them to make it easy to adjust settings

Thanks for the info! What’s your gearing?

I use 15 and 36T pulleys from Enertion.

If you want to have smooth acceleration with maximum efficiency. And smooth, dependable, predictable brakes, then get a Vesc. But if you don’t care about those things, then get a car esc, just don’t try to use your brakes at high speed and always wear protective gear.

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