What do you think of this oscilloscope?

So I live in China and at the moment can’t afford a new, quality oscilloscope but nevertheless, need one for my projects. Giving away products on the internet is not a thing here so no luck getting one for free. I found this second hand one on the internet and the specs are listed. He mentions something about the screen not being clear but other than that there shouldn’t be any issues. It’s google translated so I hope you understand what it says clearly.

It is a Chinese brand that I have never seen before, but again, can’t afford a Rigol right now.

I suggest looking for a video on YouTube (assuming you have access to Google services) made by Dave Jones on eevblog about buying used oscilloscopes. He even mentions brands that are the best bang for your buck… Let me know if you found it, I can look it up for you once I get home later today.

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@Martinsp most foreigners have VPN to use inside China as they usually want to communicate with families :wink:

@orkunturkey I don’t think there is much you can go wrong with 200MHz analog oscilloscope as it is really basic.

It really depends on what you are going to do with it. For example, if you only want to meassure/visualize some pwm signals you could also buy one of those diy osciloscopes on ebay for around 20$.

What’s the price?

The description says that the photo’s blurry, not the CRT.

It does mention the display has some burn in though, but I’m not sure if the seller meant it doesn’t.

If the price is right, it should make a good first scope.Just use common sense when using it, such as not hooking up the scope’s ground to live mains.

Like what @SOICDIP said how much for that scope? I use to have a Hantek 6022BL USB scope which uses your computer as the display. It worked pretty well and had some basic functionality for $75. I did however get a Rigol DS1054Z scope for Christmas and wow is it better than the Hantek scope. It has so many more features like i2c and SPI decoding as well as 24M memory depth and 4 channels instead of two. Overall I’d recommend just getting a nice scope to begin with however my Rigol scope is $350.

Dave Jones is the man! I love his videos. He just never mentioned Chinese brands since these are built solely for the domestic market here.

Price would sound great no matter what since Chinese online shopping is so cheap. That one is priced at 280 Renminbi, or 45 USD