What do you think this electric skateboard? you like it?

the feature is CNC precision bridge, 1500 watts, can bear 230kg. The speed can reach 41km/h and so on.

looks like the 3rd version knock off from the Teamgee

Also Spring trucks for Esk8 arent as fantastic as they apear :smiley:


no, no, it is not from Teemgee.it is brotherhobby. the product is great :laughing:

The design is the same, Teamgee has already been duplicated once by a china brand, this is just another one.

Different trucks/wheels (likey same hubs)

But the deck and intergraeted battery are the same

would be nice to see some hubs… try and cover the Hub so its not noticable :smiley: otherwise it looses a major perk of being a Hub

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maybe shape is same, but the most electric skateboard shape is almost that. but Teemgee the max load is 100kg, and uphill is 25%. although this, brotherhobby , max load is 230kg, uphill is 30%. you can search it on website. in this waay, you can know their difference. :laughing: :grin:

Are you 100% sure about that… That is a really heavy person


yes, i tried. three people stand there

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I want to see how the truck holds up to bad conditions given the roller bearing pivot

Long term real user reviews will be interesting.

we compare other products and test. but to be honest , i think our is better. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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will be happy to have my doubts disproven

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when you use it and others , you can clearly know their difference. and you can analysis their data, which is ture or fare.

I don’t hate this design. There is a real market for stealth boards. But 230kg that’s a bit unrealistic. I am waiting for flipsky to try and do a 3 axis kingpin less moestooge style speed truck.

Whoa this looks like an improved Raptor! Awesome board!


Those trucks look unstable.


You may be right have you tested the flipsky DKP trucks oh boy they are crap. If your going to rip off someone’s design at least do it well could be the case here, as a og skater like the idea of lightweight board like this for a short belt in the park. But the reality is unless your a 45kg guy/kid with no hills in your area you can’t have the best of both worlds.

Anyone buying this board should watch this…

With a 80kg rider Real range 11.7km Did a 10 degree incline just. Ling Yi ESC so likely 10S Considering I can buy 2x exway X1 with change for the same money no deal… Please send a review unit to forum mods this is a better way to promote your wares. Spamming forums is unprofessional… cough cough @onloop

To answer your title of what I think.

I think that boards a money grab. The battery is tiny, non-programmable ESC’s, questionable design decisions. And it seems priced about twice what it should be, when you compare to other pre builts or what parts cost.


you can buy and try it, you can know if it is ture.