What do you use to seal your motor wires into enclosure?

Hi, i’m currently doing some CAD on my 3d printed enclosure but i’m wondering what you guys use to seal the motor wires going into the enclosure? hot glue? o-rings? nothing?

Also, switches, battery indicators any tips how to seal them as good as possible?

Wire grommets

Orings switches

Neoprene hand cut gaskets for meter displays

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sugru :slight_smile:

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Do you re solder the wire connectors when using the grommets? thinking about the different size wire vs connector

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No I just buy grommets for the size I need and push through. You can stretch grommets over larger connectors with a expand tool for say c-clips…


okay, neat setup. Thanks.


I drilled holes for bullet connectors that were tightly fit and epoxied to the enclosure. Extension cables to the vesc. Motor phase wires plug directly into the bullets, so it’s all sealed up.

For sensor wires I put a rubber grommet on the wire. Will probably add something to give it a better seal on the inside of the enclosure.


Also what @b264 said is what I did on the inside of my Evo to hold them in place and seal

@Sebike too! :slight_smile:


What Grommets I’m Ganna use: https://eskating.eu/product/soft-rounded-black-gasket-for-motor-and-sensor-wires5pcs/

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Looks fine, just make sure they’ll fit the wire you are going to put them on… Got these from aliexpress;

These are not as pretty as Deckoz work but you can pass through three motor cables and sensor wire with one smaller gland and that are water proof as well…



Is silicone good enough? Like neutral cure toxic free silicon


That was a question, I really don’t know if thats good. What do you think?

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Silicone would certainly work, just sand the area you want the silicone to stick too, it doesnt always stick good to smooth surfaces. I used rubber plugs to seal my esc wires, drilled them out to the wire size I needed. Proper sized grommets are the way to go though.

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