What do you use to secure electrical components inside your enclosure? Potting, velcro, etc

I just picked up a Maytech V2/R2 remote. It has it’s own bluetooth chip and I’ve got a new VESC (MakerX DV6 Pro) on the way. What should I use to secure the new receiver chip and ESC and all new wiring to my board? Do you guys use velcro or electrical potting epoxy (there are quite a few out there). I’m replacing the factory components in my Onsra Black Carve 1. Should I AVOID putting the potting stuff on any particular components? Would any of you consider heatsinks on any components?

What does it look like the manufacturer used on the internal components of my board? Just looks like they liberally put glue/epoxy on all the connections without much effort… lol.

Not sure if I should just continue my original thread or start a new one… different questions now… :smiley:


I use velcro for receiver and my esc. I use epoxy as Sealants. The DV6 comes with its own heatsink so you don’t need to worry about that. If you’re using bullet connectors for your connection and not the MR30 I see in your photo, you can use shrink tubes for that.

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