What do you want from your battery

  • Large bms for discharge and charge
  • Small bms for charge and vesc for discharge

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I was curious what you prefer since I know some face size constraints in their builds however with the vesc having the ability of low voltage cut off maybe some of you prefer small bms. Also please include any other features you like to see in your batteries

Less is more IMO. And smaller is always better. I personally hate those bulky bms’ because i have to make bigger enclosure. Vesc does cutoff as you program it and works great for me.

I don’t even use “fuel gauge” because i can’t fit one in my enclosure and i know from experience how much i have battery left.

I built an 8s3p A123 pack and installed an 80amp bms on top of the batteries. The bms is huge 200x110x20mm it’s own charge and discharge wires make it thicker than that actually). The bms I would buy now based on what I know would be 30amp bypassed for charge only and it’s only 102x53mm and much thinner.

I’d go for a battman smart bms or something like like, they seem pretty cool and compact. Bms for discharge for sure

High quality and first and foremost. Some kind of indicator for faults so you can catch runaway conditions before it kills your pack. Some way to get per cell voltages and logging.maybe soft power switch, but might like that to be separate

To me BMS is about protecting batteries and perhaps your life. Reliable is best but things fail so monitoring is important. If I’m not 100% confident that it’s doing its job I’d rather do without, and just use a balance charger occasionally.