What does it mean?

I’ve run in to a situation with my dual hub esc (think it´s the one you can buy from Bangood), only one of the hub motors is spinning and the little red light (see picture) on the circuit bord right next to the power leads for the motor (I’ve tried switching motors, and the one that doesn’t spin works perfectly fine when it’s connected to the other of the dual hub esc ports power leads) keeps flashing intermittently 6 times in a row before it pauses and then flashes another 6 times… and so on. Can anybody out there please help me out by explaining what that little red light is so desperately trying to tell me, and/or what exatly I need to do in order to get it to work again (it did work for several weeks before I moved my entire setup over to a differant board, and in the process may have done something wrong to cause this problem), or is the esc toast and needs to be replaced? Thanks in advance, much appreciated!IMG_20180621_130554

Well this is more of a throw away article… I don´t think anybody really repaired one of these yet

All I can say is check the wires and connectors. They are a bit flimsy