What does the community need?


The community is growing at such a rate that most suppliers are constantly on back order. By gathering data on what needs more options or what needs faster production we can help the suppliers. Fill this form out for the sake of the community :slight_smile:

EDIT: Data will be posted after submissions slow down. ALSO! Build template

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Are you going to post the results here in case I want to go into business? :slight_smile:

I haven’t been here long, but I’ve seen so many :sunglasses: people join the short :hourglass_flowing_sand: time I’ve been here. That’s a :+1: good thing.


@evoheyax has been working on a few things…maybe you should put your heads together and make something awesome

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of course!

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yeah I am very interested in what he is doing, I applied to be a moderator of the database :slight_smile:

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Ok cool beans…love the community at work

New questions added regarding batteries.

I’m interested :sparkler: in helping. But I think :mask:I need to learn what is here :point_up: first.

Your the king of emojis!!!

I’m :sunglasses: cool with that.

15 responses so far! We need more!

Keep it going :slight_smile:

Lol pushing the thread…love it


Do we or do we not have wiiceivers available? Are there any conversions for the GT2B controllers? Are we able to get these special encloseres , whether fiberglass, carbon fiber or plastic. I know some of the people are very intimidated with some of the work they see. But if you don’t ask you won’t know. :ok_hand: I love the work these guys put out. Shooooot… I wish I had access to some the tools these guys have. But that’s the purpose of this site. To connect people and network so we can have the things we only dream of on our rigs. So ask or post on the forum. These guys are wonderful. I know this :musical_score: much, the people in my town are going to be the enve of what me and my wife is going to be sporting. I gaurentte by next year I’ll have a :stuck_out_tongue: crew of people wanting and or cruising in my neiborghood. So let’s get this list going. Let’s all rally and figure out whay we need so we can make this community great.

Keep cruising :heart: yo.

Wiiceiver and rx/tx are two different animals…the later being the most reliable

I’ve gotten rid of all my wiiceivers

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Yea I know was just stating. I’m going with the GT2B or mini controller. I’ll start there :point_up: first. But if I do go GT2B I want the conversion kit. I saw some on eBay. Want to see if there was any other styles available.

@Kaly is selling his as well $50 bucks shipped…not too shabby :wink:

Is it the same tech as the GT2B? (^_-)