What does the future look like?

Check out this board! I like it.


So its a BMW streetcarver/Flexboardz style board.

IDK, it seems incredibly tall, the deck is way higher than the roll axis. That to me says that maybe the people making this didn’t quite know what they were doing.

I think that type of steering system makes some sense for an AT setup, for for street riding?

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Difficulty of maintenance, complexity and cost will all be much higher for no real gains ejther

I like the way it steers, would love to try it out and see how it feels compared to traditional skateboard trucks. I can’t tell if there is some sort of suspension or not. Rides too high though.

I like how clean it looks.

I think one thing that’s consistently missing from these kinds of designs is practicality. The crowd who came from skateboarding into electric skateboarding aren’t as interested in these kinds of ideas. I love to see them, but I wouldn’t put all your eggs in these concepts. The future of eskate is going to be mostly focused on longevity (quality) and power, and a few little electronic features.


Looks cool but definitely too high

You are correct. Concept vehicles whether they be cars or skateboards are just to show interesting new ideas and ways of doing things. They are rarely ever meant to be practical. Always fun to see where things could be headed in the future. All the successful products we use everyday started as concepts.

Personally I’ll never be a fan of an all carbon deck, not enough vibration dampening, even with Abec 11 flywheels. This concept board appears to have hub motors and what sounds like really hard wheels. Looks cool though…kinda like a lunar rover.

Looks like a piece of shit to me.


Don’t be shy, tell us what you really think. :grin:


I like all things carbon fiber. Except for the price. :grinning:

the future? whatever replaces lithium polymer battery chemistry, assuming it’s appropriate for our use case, is going to make things really interesting. Like say if you had 18650s with double the energy density and double the current output, you need way fewer batteries for the same range and power output, makes flexy decks and small split enclosures way more viable

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It does look nice. I also believe in the future the wheels may be attached to spider-legs like suspension, for the smoothest ride you can imagine on any terrain, even on floor level changes which would now cause a fall. Something similar to this, but on a skateboard.

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Those changes are coming sooner than we think. You should watch the piece on 60 minutes last week on the “MIT media lab” and the projects they are working on.