What does the "Y" mean in a motor spec SSS 56104 / 480KV / 7Y

Im trying to fiure out which motor would have more torque if the “Y” number is higher or lower for the identical motor type/size and brand.

Can anyone tell me which one would have more torque given same battery setup:

SSS 56104 / 400KV / 8Y or SSS 56104 / 480KV / 7Y or SSS 56104 / 550KV / 6Y

YOLO would be my best guess

I believe they are designating the winding pattern and the stator poles.

Thats sound right :slight_smile:

On another note, how is your GMR build going? I think I have the ground rules set for a head to head hillclimb if you are interested!

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I will be hosting a demo around the same time but if you are down for a fast ride up a steep hill as a proving ground my wheel base is 33 inches and my deck/enclosure is a maximum thickness of 1 inch.

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Im new to this, and would love to get your input/insight for my setup.

Im using VESC 4, 12S, and have built an electric surfboard. My question to you, is if my motor underwater gets flooded with water for some reason, would a fuse built into the system protect my VESC, motor, or batteries for damage?

I plan to limit my AMPS using vesc at 55 or 60A, and expect cruising speed to draw 35-45A.

Will a fuse protect me incase water gets in? What size fuse should I use? And where/how do I wire in a fuse?

Really looking for some insight and help PLEASE :slight_smile:

Thanks, well if water gets into the body, it will stay in there with electric motor (under/in water). I take it that surge of energy of wires shorting would pop the fuse on the other end of the VESC between the battery and VESC?

The wires in the motor windings shouldn’t short (they are obviously insulated or else they would short to each other) but your bearings might not appreciate it :slight_smile:

Hope you mean fresh water and not salt water :wink: