What Enclosures Are You Using

  • Psycotiller
  • MasterCho
  • tupperwear/plant tray/etc.
  • eboosted
  • bigben
  • diy fiberglass
  • other

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@moon @highwon @Meche, what did you do?

Designing enclosure -> 3D print -> plywood cut to size using jizsaw -> wood filler to remove imperfections -> stain plywood -> make 3d look nicer -> 5mm gasket

Not completely finished - need to do some more waterproofing


I’m using a psychotiller enclosure that I heat gunned to fit my curved deck. I threw on some aluminum bars over the drill holes to sandwich down and reinforce the stack.


I make my own kydex enclosures.

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Are those membrane formed?

No just use a vacuum box with a frame holding a 12x12in .080 kydex sheet

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Sorry for the off-topic but I have to ask where did you get that heat sink? I’m assuming those are focboxes in there?

Negatron. An older Vesc. The heat sink came off this :

Riveted in some aluminum (soon to be copper) stand off pads for the hot bits.

Btw, one of the silliest boards I’ve played with. It was an accidental eBay win.