What esc/vesc should I get?

Hey guys l. I’m planning my first e-mtb build, I currently ride a landyachtz Evo with dual 6380 motors. The new build I’m planning on running mbs Darren warren deck, matrix 3 trucks, mbs rockstar hubs, mbs 8" tire, apex gear drive, dual 6384 or 63100 motors, and I’m in the process of building a 12s6p battery with Samsung 40t cells. What is the hands down best esc?

Any suggestions?

VESC 4.12 with TVS Diodes
Cheap and easy to fix.

Why vesc 4 over 6? I’ve heard vesc 6 is hands down better so just curious. Also not worried about price or repairability. I want something capable of high amps and very high performance and reliable.

Also doesn’t seem like the one you showed can be heatsinked wich is a necessity on a 2wd mountain board

VESC 4.12 are very old tech, and would probably not be ideal for this build, especially at 12S voltage.

Try a MakerX DV6 PRO

Thanks that one looks a lot more like what I’m looking for. I don’t know if you have the answer or not but what would be the difference or better one between the makerx dv6pro and the maker x d60/d75.

The D60 isn’t in stock, so its usefulness doesn’t matter.

The D75 will have higher Rds FETs inside it, so if running at 12S you may want to stick to the 60V model. Although the D75 will work.

Awesome thanks for the help

It is on the 2wd Trampa board. do have heatsink on the top FETs and small ones on DRVs just to keep it cool little. I ran this in Thailand over passes of Chiang Mai for 2 days without any issue.

Yes, it is an old tech. It runs 12s just fine with TVS diode.
Like I was mentioned, it cheap and easy to repair. And if you do upgrade on all the capacitors in VESC 4.12, you will have a better result output.
Unless you love to push it like a drag race, then VESC 4.12 is not for it.

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