What ESCs should I use for a 12s lipo

Looking to create a dual drive 12s setup (2 6s 5000mah 25c) but am finding it hard to pick a pair of ESC. Some sources say that the VESC cannot handle 12s lipos. Is this true? What other options do I have then. And when it comes to dual escs has anyone tried this one: https://flipsky.net/collections/electronic-products/products/dual-fsesc4-12-100a

When it says ‘100A dual’ does that mean each ESC can pull 100A or each can only puppy 50?


Thanks so much in advance

(PS if any one of you know builds with a similar power pack please link them here. I’d like to know what housing options they’ve used, BMS and range they got on their boards)

Your questions answered by reading the specs you added to your post. All vesc Derivats work with 12s. Some more reliable, some less. If the producer recommends a 10s use, than there is a reason for it :wink:

If you want to see builds with similar battery than you plan to use than just use the search function. You definitely not the only one in here with a 12s 5Ah lipo battery.

I am using torqueboards vesc with 12s and it works perfectly

this guy is talking about flipsky and you go on and say that?

Did you hear how flipsky dual 4.20s preform with higher settings?

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Man I can’t think of a worse vesc than the one you linked for your use case. For me at 12s It’s either Ollen-vescs or Enetrion vesc-x’s (which you can’t buy directly from Enertion anymore)

Now I’m not recommending anyone go the 12s route but If i would I’d only use those esc’s at this time.

If you wanna be a bit more safe then you could maybe go for a dual receiver setup (that way if 1 esc fails your remote will still have control and handle the other.)

Did you read his whole comment blitz? Don’t cherry pick

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I did man but here’s the thing.

‘Some less’ leaves a lot to be imagined and when someone posts about 12s lipo and a dual 4.20 i’m just like :man_facepalming:

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They obviously haven’t used search functions. Its not even a dead subject.

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Look man what if you thought esc’s were simple Hey look it works on 12’s Simple! I’ll just make a post to be extra safe

would you like someone to tell you

Or don’t get that esc?

Yes, but they also need to read. Not just expect us to feed them. We can recommend all we like but thing is most people still ain’t gonna listen


My first vesc purchase was two focboxes because i used the search function


Why don’t you recommend the 12s route? Are they that much of an overkill?

12s more things can go wrong. Especially if using budget parts


You need to know what your doing with 12s. and @Skunk makes a great point.

Like if you can’t debate why 12s is good then you proberbly shouldn’t run 12s.

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Adding extra capacitors is a great way to reduce voltage spikes that can kill the vesc


Man that’s lvl 10 chit Lounge not here bro :joy:

That being said i still went 12s first build. But 12s is not necessary. 10s is still a good build. My next build will probably be 10s.


Your a psyco man.


I mean that in a good way bro.

36d read time etc.

I 4 real think your epic man.