What fuse to use for 100 Amp 12 S protection?


what fuse must I use to protect my battery 100 Amp 12S ??

I only found car fuse 12 Volts 100 Amp !!

Can I use a 12 V 100 Amp fuse with my 12S setup ?? no problem with voltage ?


Maxi fuses go higher but they are big!

Just get a 50 or 60 amp fuse. Try a J-case fuse. You will not be drawing that much amps unless you are going up hill sufficiently steep to draw that high of a current. Even then the ESC has a max amperage.

60 Amp is not enough ! It’s for a mountainboard electric skate, dual motor and dual VESC. Each ESc can draw 50 Amp.

I found what I need: https://solaireshop.fr/batteries-regulateurs-et-chargeurs/accessoires/accessoires-de-batteries/protection-de-batteries.html 100Amp 58 V it’s perfect for my configuration !! Thanks

Do you guys feel a fuse is still needed if your BMS has over-current protection (60A in my case)?

Maybe not exactly needed, but it is a cheap thing that stops the Expensive stuff from burning in a failure scenario, so i still use one in every build.

Yes, this little fuse will protect my expensive 12S 10P Li-ion Battery ! And I don’t have BMS. It’s my choice: My battery charger will do a far better job for charging to 4.15 V

Hi Jul, The short answer to your question is yes. A 12v 100A fuse will work fine with your 12s setup. Even though your chosen fuse may usually be found in 12v applications, it’s amp rating is the same even if used at higher voltages. I use a “Maxi” size fuse but this is purely for the larger terminals which I solder directly to.


I purchased this: http://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Littelfuse/15508926101/?qs=%2FYgtBEaRi5ELkPZ3L2DTUg%3D%3D

haven’t used it yet, but its more than half cheaper than the others, but will require a little modification to remove from the ceramic and work with.