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What GPS tracking app do you use?

Hey @chaka which app are you using? I like the elevation and speed charts it plotted. Most apps I come across just tell you max elevation and don’t plot it that way.

It is called " my tracks" but it is going off line tomorrow. I’m still looking for a replacement.

Check this out:

I used to use my tracks when I had a windows phone… now I use strava.

Thanks for the quick responses! I downloaded “my tracks” on my iPhone and seems to work well. I might have to try “strava” as well and see which I like the best.

cool thing about strava is you can playback your “flybys” and anyone else who is using strava that you “flewby” you can check them and their run out as well

I use runkeeper. Love seeing the distance and speed i was going at each kilometer. Also gives me a good idea of the distance i can get on my 6s 5000mah batteries

I use the cleverly named “Speedometer” for iOS. It maps the route using GPS and shows color-coded speed splits. I mostly use it for distance and max speed.

Because I already use it for sports.
Integrates nicely with my Garmin devices and other health-apps too.

This one:

Gives you links like these: (that’s a daily commute)

For now that’s my favourite but I’ll try strava as well

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I use Suunto Traverse and movescount :+1:t2:

(Dont mind the scratches on the glass, those came after wrist first crash about month ago)

Todays ride

I use runtastic Free, elevation (basic), ave speed, max speed, distance, length.

IPhone rules.

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I’ve been using Maverick for mountainbiking, but that’s mostly so I can use predownloaded terrain maps. Works without data connection, records gps data that can be imported to Google Earth, allows you to import or download exactly the map you need. I can record gps from a tablet in my backpack and still have my phone free.

Now if only I could figure out how to download Google maps bicycle lane overlay, it’d be perfect.

I’ve tried a few, but tend to like GPS Tracker free on Windows Phone. It shows the route taken, as well as other stats, like Elapsed time, Distance, Height difference, Max and Avg speed. Also a graph of altitude difference and speed curves.