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What happened to the 6355 group buy thread ? Censored?

7 hours ago someone posted details and prices of sensored 6355 motors, gauging interest for a group buy.
This guy claimed he had contacted the Enertion OEM.

This thread has since disappeared.

Censored by @onloop ?

Why ?

I deleted the thread because it was spam, this forum is not a place for random people to rock-up & create an account for the sole purpose of asking other forum members for money!.. If it is not monitored now, it will get out of hand I will eventually be forced to stop all posts regarding items for sale & group buys etc & we will end up like ES where legit members are not able to promote their art.

Contribute to the community as an active member and then you can arrange “special Deals” & “group buys”

From now on only user level 2 & above are allowed to arrange group buys & ask other members for money.


SPAMMERS are not welcome here.

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