What happens to an 18650 if you thermo shock it?

From what I was reading, you want to be quick soldering 18650s as they are succeptipal too thermo shock. What happens to the cell if this happens

I’ve been cooking my cells with a lot of heat putting together my pack, and I want to know if the damage would show up now or later… up to a 6s4p so far, going to 10s4p, and voltages seem good.

You can deform the surface of the cathode/anode to which the electrons travel leading to reduced capacity of the cell. This leads to further travel between batteries and needing to be balanced more often. Not an issue if you’re always balance charging.

I haven’t seen conclusive evidence of how much heat for how long will cause any sort of significant damage to the cell, but I’d probably be soldering myself as well.


I’ll be running it through a bms, so hopefully, no issues there. Thank you.