What have you decided to rename your VESCs to?

I’m looking for answers from vendors about the decisions they’ve made concerning this, this isn’t another creative naming thread.

@torqueboards @chaka @zmoney @oriol360

if i missed anyone please speak up. I know theres a metric fuck ton of vendors out there now. I’m just working off the top of my head.

I’m updating my esk8.builder web app to include ESC options and I’ve already updated Enertion’s controller to FOCBOX but i realized I hadn’t heard about what the others were planning.

You forgot @okp (Unikboards) They call it… wait a minute, just forgot it again.

UNIK CONTROL HW 4.12 – based on the open source VESC® project

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I’m not a vendor but “skate brain” does it for me.


Other vendors I can think of … @esk8 Maytech

Could you hyperlink your site as I can’t find it with a simple websearch.

Probably just going to keep it simple and call it Electric Speed Controller - Based on… Or Stealth ESC - Based on… Keep the name inline with other products.

I’ll update my website tonight With the name

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What about the LHBESESC

Longhaired Boy’s Electric Skateboard Electric Speed Controller (Based on VESC Firmware)

I think OpenESC was winning in the other thread…


Would that be OESC for short? That sounds good for a generic name.

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You know i’ll have to use that, or something even more ridiculous if i did a run of them. lol

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In Europe, we were the first to take the Vesc Officially sold in the shop. There was an attempt from someone from the UK But this has failed A par were sold but all other customers Had their money recalled via Paypal. We will use the new ESC based on 4.12 With the name esk8 controller I have to make the PCBs now So that the production can be made on 12.06 We sell the Vesc since November 2015. When a new name is established I will rename it

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Maybe it was Benjamin who decided to take on the TM? He is the owner of the Mark, not us! Trampa made a move is not correct at all. Benjamin and Trampa made a move is correct. Without that move VESC Six and VESC-Tool wouldn’t exist. The VESC-Project would not have been able to be continued without new and solid foundations and some serious support. It’s to much work for a one man show that’s handled in free time after work.

In the end everyone will like the new stuff, I’m pretty sure. It’s all magnitudes better than before.

So Trampa and Benjamin please! As if Benjamin can’t make his own decisions. There is a lot of Trampa and Benjamin in the new stuff, sorry for envisioning things and pushing things to another level.

Hardware manufacturers want to use the R&D work, Software and Hardware, updates and the name. That’s on thing to much, don’t you agree. Everything gets served on a silver plate, the plate itself stays in Benjamins hand please.



guys don’t make me start deleting posts. This is intended to inform people about what is going to happen,

My vote :slight_smile: FRANKTRAMPAVESC6 Tm

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